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About Our Course

A Decorah Institution

The history of Oneota Golf and Country Club is a legacy of duty to all our members — past, present and future. The unique environment and stunning setting have been at the heart of our club since 1921. Decorah has a couple of country clubs, but the Oneota Golf and Country Club experience offers much more, and is truly one of a kind.

The course layout at our club is a true gem. We are located next to the beautiful Upper Iowa River that is viewable from nearly every hold. Play spans 6,432 yards from the longest tees for a par of 72. We have four tee lengths, making Oneota the perfect round of golf for players of all skill levels.

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Oneota Golfers' Dress Code

The present dress code is in effect for persons using the golf course facilities.

1) All players, men or women, will wear golf shirts during play or practice. The definition of "golf shirts" for men shall include only those shirts that have sleeves which are of sufficient length to cover the armpit and shall NOT include tank tops or T-shirts with inappropriate letterings, signs or slogans. For women, "golf shirts" shall include, in addition to the above, sleeveless shirts including tank tops.

2) Appropriate lower body cover will be worn at all times. No shorts or jeans that have holes or are sloppy, dirty, ragged or cutoff will be permitted.

3) Shoes will be worn at all times by all golfers. Cleated shoes that would tend to damage the greens are not permitted; metal golf spikes are not allowed.

4) These rules apply to members, guests, junior members, golf teams, golf classes, and any parties accompanying golfers during rounds or practice.

5) Gentleman - no caps or hats shall be allowed in the dining room during meals.

6) In case of violations, the club management will ask the offender to leave the course until properly attired. Refusal to comply will forfeit golfing privileges for the period set by the Board of Directors. 

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Greens Fees and Related Charges

All fees are subject to 7% sales tax
Effective January 1, 2021, there will be a 3% processing fee for any credit card transaction.

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Greens Fees:                                                            Weekly          All Day          9 Holes          18 Holes

      Guest of Member (not more than 11)          $85.00              $40.00                 $18.00                  $30.00

      Direct Family of Members                               $75.00              $35.00                 $14.00                  $25.00


           Weekdays                                                                                 $50.00                  $22.00                 $40.00

           Weekends                                                                                                             $25.00                 $45.00

      Monday and Thursday Golf Special: 

18 Holes Green Fees   $15.00

18 Holes Cart Rental (Single) $15.00

9 Hole Green Fees $11.00

9 Hole Cart Rental (Single) $20.00

All Day Green Fees: $20.00

All Day Cart Rental (Single): $20.00 

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If the guest of a member resides in Winneshiek County, they must be accompanied by the Oneota member while playing golf, and may not play more than three times in one season. This does not include open tournaments. All guest's green fees must be billed to the member if the member is not present.

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Cart Rental Fees:                                                   Regular          Tournaments

      18 Holes (per cart rate)                                   $30.00                      $38.00                 

       9 Holes                                                                $18.00                      $20.00

      18 Holes (Single)                                     $15.00

      9 Holes (Single)                                      $9.00

      All Day                                                   $40.00

      Pull Carts                                               $2.00

      Annual Lease                                                    $495.00 + Tax 

Trail Fees:

      Daily                                                                    $5.00                        $5.00

       Annual                                                                 $90.00 

Miscellaneous  Fees:

      Rental Clubs - 9 Holes                            $10.00

      Rental Clubs - 18 Holes                          $20.00

       Driving Range                                         $10.00


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Outings:                                                                  9 Holes          18 Holes

      Member Sponsored                                          $16.00                 $27.00                 

      Not Member Sponsored                                 $18.00                  $35.00                


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All outings are restricted to Mondays and Thursdays. Any outing on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday must be sponsored by a member and not tie up the number one tee for more than two hours Any group (no matter what size) that wants to shotgun start will be considered an outing. Exception: no shotgun starts on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. The above does not include any tournaments or high school or college events. All decisions are at the discretion of the club manager.

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Things to Know and Remember

  1. Carts are to be driven in accordance with signs, and in no event shall they be driven on greens, collars, or tees, and must stay at least 35 feet from any greens.

  2. Green fees start on #1 tee only, never on #10. That right is reserved for members of the club only.

  3. Check at the clubhouse before teeing off on #10 unless you are coming off #9 green.

  4. All guests must be registered by the sponsoring member.

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